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Operating environment

The Employment Fund has an extensive network of stakeholders. We work in close cooperation with parties in Finland and around the world in order to discharge our statutory duties. We aim to be an active and respected actor within the Fund’s network.

In 2019, we studied the recognition and reputation of the Employment Fund among the general public and influencers. The results revealed that the public trusts us and we have the support of our stakeholders.

Operating environment
The Employment Fund is an important part of the Finnish social security system. The Employment Fund is an independent institution based on law with a public administrative duty. We belong to the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and our activities are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Our organisation is administered by social partners of the Finnish labour market. We collect unemployment insurance contributions paid by employers and employees. We finance unemployment allowances and adult education allowances. We look after the business cycle buffer and invest responsibly in order to safeguard liquidity.


In 2020, we will continue promoting digitalisation and working on projects related to our strategic goals. We will prepare ourselves for the introduction of reforms to adult education allowances and begin working the role of information producer on the national Incomes Register.

The Fund’s operating environment now looks much different than it did when the budget was drawn up for 2020. Finland’s economic and employment outlooks are currently difficult to forecast.


Reorganisation to harmonise operations

The Employment Fund reorganised its operations in spring 2019 in order to discharge its basic duties and achieve its goals in the best possible way. Last year, we learned a lot of new things, we gained new roles and professions, and we harmonised our working methods. At the end of 2019, the Employment Fund had 162 employees.

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