Us in a nutshell


Our job is to provide security in work changes. We fund, among other things, unemployment security and adult education benefits, which finance the livelihoods of unemployed, laid off and adult students.

Our vision is to be a superior executor of social security. We are ambitious towards our vision, while ensuring that the continuity of our operations is always safeguarded.

Our starting point is continuous development — simplification of operations, efficiency and quality, and human centricity — are the job descriptions and skills that support our development.

At the Employment Fund, our work is based on our values: our customer comes first,
we renew, we evolve, we act, and we are a united team. These values guide our everyday operations.

We update our strategic goals and values

The updating of the Employment Fund’s strategy started last autumn and in May our Board of Directors approved new strategic objectives for the fund: we deliver digital services reliably and with high quality, increase productivity and efficiency, and deliver an excellent customer and staff experience.

Updating the strategy will continue in the autumn of this year as we renew our values together with our staff.



Providing security for changes in working life



Superior executor of social security


Values: Our customers come first

Our customers come first

We renew, we evolve, we act

We renew, we evolve, we act

Values: We are a united team

We are a united team

The Employment Fund’s Management

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