Us in a nutshell


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Providing security for changes in working life


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Superior executor of social security


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Our customers come first

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We renew, we evolve, we act

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We are a united team


The Employment Fund’s strategy. A more detailed description can be found in the next text paragraph.

At the Employment Fund our work is based on our values: our customers come first, we renew, we evolve, we act, and we are a united team. These values guide our everyday operations.

Our task is to provide security for changes in working life. We finance unemployment and adult education allowances that secure the livelihoods of employees that have been laid-off, are unemployed, or are adult students.

Our vision is to be a superior executor of social security. We will take bold actions but prioritise them in such a way that our activities can continue in the future. Continuous development is at the heart of our operation – simplification of operations, efficiency and quality, and human centricity – are the work descriptions and skills that support our development.

The Employment Fund’s Management

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