Information about the Use of Cookies

The Employment Fund’s public online services use cookies to record visitor statistics of the online services and to develop the web pages and their contents. A cookie is a small text file that an internet browser stores on a user’s device. Cookies do not affect the use of the device or files. You can change your cookie settings or delete previously saved cookies from your browser freely at any time. You can read more about cookies and the protection of visitor data in the Employment Fund’s privacy policy.

Some of the cookies we use are necessary and enable us to operate our online service. Some cookies are non-essential cookies set by third-party services on our website, for which we request consent with a cookie banner when you first visit the site (Google Analytics).

Google Analytics

We use cookies to collect website visitor statistics and analyse data so that we can develop our online services. Third-party analytics tools (Google Analytics) are used to collect data. Among other things, we collect information about which pages are most popular, how long they stay on the page and how users have found the site. A single user can never be identified by the data. More detailed information about Google Analytics cookies.